Standard package price: 208 Eur/ 12 sessions/ 4 weeks

Based on the standard package, our specialists develop individual packages, customized according to the therapeutic needs of each patient.

“Burnout " is a state of emotional, physical and mental exhaustion caused by the accumulated excessive stress. It manifests as a blockage of the responses to the usual stimuli and determines the inability to cope with daily, common demands. It can lead to loss of interest. , motivation, decreased discernment, productivity, energy, can lead to frustration, irritability, aggression, anxiety, resentment or even the inability to offer anything. result of the general state and returning to the initial balance.

It takes 4, 6 or 8 weeks of therapy. Before starting the program, our doctors recommend performing the standard preventive medicine scan. Each package (4, 6 or 8 weeks) includes, at the end, a standard rescan to evaluate the results.

Therapies to treat the causes of stress and exhaustion include:

1. Hydrotherapy ozone spa & oxygen

  • Internal warming: We can compare this to what is achieved after a vigorous 30-minute exercise when you feel the heat being emitted from within the body. Internal warming increases our body temperature and boosts the immune system, metabolic rate and stimulates the creation of blood cells.
  • Blood circulation: A 15 minutes soak is equivalent to a 3-5km slow jog in energy exchange and 200-300 calorie loss. The increased cellular activity also raises the energy level, improves the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the organs, and the removal of toxins. Heavy metal toxins are removed in perspiration during the hydro spa. Good blood circulation increases metabolism. An obvious sign of bad blood circulation is cold hands and feet. People experiencing this subsequently experience numbness at the ends of the limbs. More often than not, stroke patients feel the numbness before they suffer a stroke. Because of bad blood circulation, the hands and feet receive insufficient oxygen and the cells in these areas die. This is one of the reasons why diabetic patients see their limbs start to rot first. Blood also transports toxins. Bad blood circulation means that many toxins are deposited at the feet, where the blood makes a 180 degree turn. The importance of blood circulation is evident as we encourage regular exercise. However, the irony is that those who need the exercise are unable to do exercise for physical reasons.
  • Full body massage: All 320 main acupressure points of your body is massaged by millions of tiny air bubbles Traditional body massages often leave bruises on the body the next day because body tissue is compressed at a too great a pressure.
  • Lymphatic drainage is improved and internal organs are massaged as well. Hydrotherapy Spa works like hydro-acupuncture. Even acupressure points at our private areas which physicians and masseurs cannot reach, can be massaged using the system.
  • Deep cleansing: Deep-cleansing purposes, is able to vibrate the dirt and grime from the skin deep within the pores and achieve the effects of a body scrub.
  • Body contouring: hydro spa is also able to remove water retention in the body. With 200-300 calories lost in energy with a 15 minutes session, combined with the right diet, slimming can be achieved.

For this service we recommend to wear a swimsuit. During the ozone bath, you will have an oxygen breathing device close to your nose and mouth. Oxygen intake has many benefits: it treats sinuses and lungs problems, headaches, optimizes heart rate, helps cell regeneration of tissues, prevents the development of cancer cells, is a natural detoxifier, rejuvenates cells with pure oxygen and can also it had an effect of improving the functions of the body. Oxygen intake is beneficial for people who have acute fatigue and weakness, dizziness, depression, concentration problems, digestion or pulmonary, muscle pain, irritability and weakened immune system.

2. Infrared Sauna

The sauna has a tradition of hundreds of years and multiple benefits on the body: it stimulates the elimination of toxins, cleanses and tones the skin, strengthens immunity, treats joint pain, muscle and many more. There are several types of sauna: wet, dry or infrared. The latter is more efficient and easier to bear. So get your swimsuit or underwear on and let's see what it's all about! The infrared sauna has the following effects:      

  • Stimulates perspiration, which is one of the body's most natural methods of eliminating toxins. Compared to the traditional Swedish sauna, the infrared sauna eliminates 7 times more toxins.
  • Reduces stress. The infrared sauna balances the level of cortisol in the body and promotes relaxation and well-being.
  • Eliminates pain. In the case of muscle or joint pain, the infrared sauna can improve these inflammations, by improving circulation and relaxing muscles.
  • Helps eliminate extra pounds. The heat generated by the sauna accelerates the heart rate just as during a physical workout. The body must work to lower its internal temperature or to cope with increased heart rate, which burns calories and results in weight loss. An article published in the Journal of the American Medical Association ("Effects of Sweating") showed that a 30-minute infrared sauna session can burn about 600 calories.
  • Improves lymphatic circulation. Increasing body temperature during the sauna results in a more efficient "transport" of lymph in the body. Constant infrared sauna sessions can stimulate blood circulation, improving muscle recovery, reducing pain and inflammation after a demanding workout.
  • Purifies the skin. The infrared sauna technology can help purify the skin, after eliminating toxins through pores and improving circulation. You will have a cleaner, smoother, healthier looking skin.

There are several levels of infrared: close, medium and far. The closest one is more effective for healing the wounds and strengthening the immunity, the average one is ideal for improving circulation and muscle relaxation, and the distant one is used for detoxification.

3. Advanced Med Matrix Protocol

Med Matrix is ​​an amazing detoxifying device, in the form of a device like a mouse, which performs a relaxing "massage" on the back and legs. This small "massage" device incorporates a lot of science and years of research.

The device contains three electrodes that "brush" every square centimeter of the skin (guided, obviously, by the therapist's hand). The first electrode repolarizes the cell membrane and neutralizes excess negative charge, the tissue becoming alkaline again. The second electrode is shaped like a suction cup that inhales toxins from the skin. Basically, through this suction massage, some toxins are eliminated immediately and the pores are released. The device analyzes the frequency of these toxins on the spot, so that the third electrode, through the bio resonance, sends to the skin a reverse signal of the toxins, a wave with opposite effect, to cancel them. Thus, three holistic therapies are performed in a single movement.

Tissues with matrix affected in chronic condition have an excessive negative load and too much acid. Med Matrix direct current therapy relies on the fact that it is possible to change the polarity of the external tissue. The electrodes guide weak current directly to the tissue and neutralize the excess negative charge, and the tissue becomes alkaline again, the metabolic function normalizes.

The standard Med Matrix protocol represents the ideal preparation for all subsequent therapies because, afterwards, the body will be able to restart the blocked healing processes.

+ Detox Spa

The therapy includes a Detox Spa, which involves detoxification of the whole body by introducing the feet in hot water and using the electrolysis process. Electrolysis involves the use of positive and negative ions in an ion generator. Ion foot baths work by sending a low intensity electric current through the body, which generates positively charged ions. The high ion concentration determines the capture of the toxins charged with negative ions, neutralizing them and then eliminating them through the approximately 2,000 pores on the soles of the feet. The foot baths alkalize the blood and tissues, leading to a balance of ph. It does not necessarily cure diseases, but helps to eliminate toxins from the body. The benefits are significant: they strengthen the immune system, eliminate heavy metals and blood clots, improve sleep, liver and kidney function, relieve pain and stiffness in arthritis, help recover from injuries or surgery.

4.Specific frequency, sound and photon therapy
We use sophisticated equipment with frequencies to treat hundreds of diseases. This therapy is performed with the German medical technology (Timewaver Frequency and / or Global Diagnostics) and Swiss (Digisoft), which transmits frequencies either through microcurrent or in the electromagnetic field. Through biofeedback therapy and light and sound healing, therapeutic effects can be obtained for a series of imbalances that can occur in the modern human life: skin problems, migraines, pain, stress, etc.

5. Consumption of hydrogenated water, shakes and cocktails
In parallel with the therapies, to increase their effect, we offer shakes based on aromatic plants, seeds, fruits and water enriched with hydrogen. They are not only delicious drinks, but real superfoods with beneficial effects for the body.

The hydrogenated water that you can consume in our clinic (simple or in shakes) is filtered water, enriched with hydrogen (for added antioxidants) and magnetized (so that it can penetrate the cell membrane better). This special water has great therapeutic properties: it is a very good antioxidant that suppresses inflammation, reduces muscle fatigue, motor deficiency and muscular dystrophy, prevents metabolic syndrome, helps in diabetes, can treat metabolic acidosis, reduces the effects of cancer treatments, limits the damage caused by transplant organs, is cardioprotective, antibacterial, supports oral health and can help lose weight. You can drink 2-3 cups of hydrogenated water per day. If you want to have your own water hydrogenation system at home, you can order it in the clinic.

6Re-energize with Chi Machine
This is a medical device invented in Japan and used successfully worldwide. It is a device on which you place your feet, from a lying position, and this, through left-right movements with a certain frequency, stimulates the circulation of the lymph in the body and releases the energy. The researcher who invented this device was inspired by the movement of the fish in the water, directed from the tail to the head. The undulating motion decompresses the vertebrae and helps correct the position, reduces strain and allows chiropractic adjustments for longer. Chi Machine also activates the sympathetic nervous system, which opens the bronchioles responsible for oxygen flow into the lungs, thus improving oxygenation of cells throughout the body. By exercising on the internal organs, the way in which the body uses the energy is reorganized, restoring its own balance. After 15-20 minutes of Chi Machine therapy, the body is regulated, energized.