Price: 1221 ron/ 4weeks integral; 1013 ron/4 weeks - discount 17%

4 weeks Packege: 6 hours (2,5h face to face discussion with a proffesional Dr. Psychotherapist, 2,5h Healy micro-current therapy and 1h work with Timewaver BIZ technology )

Quantum Transpersonal Psychology is a branch of psychology that recognizes and accepts spirituality as an important dimension of the human soul and the general scheme of things. The basic concept of transpersonal psychology is that beyond the individual there is more than his physical body and personality, one of the therapeutic purposes of the transpersonal approach is to relate the personality of the individual with the Higher Self. The field of interest of transpersonal psychology includes spiritual experiences, meditation exercises, hypnosis. Techniques Used (Relaxation Techniques, Holotropic Breath, Pneuma System, Hemi-Sync, Hypnotic Induction)

The themes for which a client can come into quantum transpersonal psychotherapy are regressions in the subconscious, regression in childhood, regressions in other lives, living consciousness of changed states of consciousness.  

We offer professional dedicated support for reaching personal and professional goals with the help of TimeWaver technology - state of the art quantum technology. Getting results faster and easier!

Lets now imagine you have a router, a connecting device, providing direct access to this information field, this “cloud” of relevant information about you from anywhere, at any time.  TimeWaver technology system is a quantum physical interface to the information field of yourself and your family/groups and its environment.

TimeWaver technology, aims to sort and simultaneously adjust probabilities. By adjusting probabilities with the TimeWaver technology, we intend to directly access the most fundamental levelof reality in quantum physics. This idea may sound abstract at first, yet by study one can see that what we refer to as the information field seems to be the invisible reality that has already been considered by ancient cultures as the element connecting mind and body.

And this is the goal of TimeWaver: to reveal hidden levels and, mobilize the hidden potential of possibilities.

 The result of Quantum Transpersonal Psychotherapy: deep relaxation, eliminating insomnia, accelerated learning, Increasing concentration power, improving memory, developing creativity and intuition, eliminating fears and phobias, overcoming patterns of unwanted behaviors, quitting smoking, strengthening the immune system, accelerating healing and recovery processes, therapeutic applications in the field of autism, ADHD and psychoncology, eliminating depressive states, Acceleration of postoperative recovery processes as well as brain attacks, Improving the effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, slow down aging processes.