Price: 270 EUR /4 weeks - 16% discount - includes 4 face to face sessions with a professional Coach, 4 micro-currents specific therapy sessions performed with Healy and 2 sessions of optimizing therapy using Timewaver BIZ technology

Price: 510 EUR/ 8 weeks - 21% discount - includes 8 face to face sessions with a professional Coach, 8 micro-currents specific therapy sessions performed with Healy and 4 sessions of optimizing therapy using TimeWaver BIZ technology

Our professional Quantum counseling for Teenagers and Young services address the needs for professional development and guidance for teenagers and young people aged 10 to 26, a process involving their families, as well. If you are interested, as parents or tutors, to develop your children in that specific way, then you will come to Quantica 720.

Counseling of: dysfunctional learning patterns, emotional (concerns, anxiety, lack of energy, disinterest, lack of joy / purpose), ognitive (memory, learning, concentration, problem solving), behavioral (irritability, anxiety, lack of responsibility, low self-esteem, insubordination, inconsistency), crisis situations (conflict, separation, divorce, illness, death, professional conflicts)

In Quantica720 we use state of the art TimeWaver quantum technology to identify authentic performance and/or change related goals and the proper solutions for reaching them. Lets now imagine you have a router, a connecting device, providing direct access to this information field, this “cloud” of relevant information about you from anywhere, at any time. TimeWaver technology system is a quantum physical interface to the information field of yourself and your family/groups and its environment.

TimeWaver technology aims to sort and simultaneously adjust probabilities. By adjusting probabilities with the TimeWaver technology, we intend to directly access the most fundamental level of reality in quantum physics. This idea may sound abstract at first, yet by study one can see that what we refer to as the information field seems to be the invisible reality that has already been considered by ancient cultures as the element connecting mind and body.

And this is the goal of TimeWaver: to reveal hidden levels and, mobilize the hidden potential of possibilities.

If you want to be better in your working-place, learn more focused, to have a better memory than now, too, we will be your trainers and your inspiration.