Frequency and duration of coaching sessions are established after a first meeting with our specialist, according to the participants' objectives.

Packages lasting less than 3 months - 16% discount

Packages lasting longer than 3 months - 21% discount

Preliminary session: 165 EUR/ 1h.

Coaching is a process that aims to help people improve their performance and / or successfully address change. He focuses on solutions rather than on "problems" in the past. It is a process that empowers people and helps them to manifest their full potential beyond the most daring dreams.

In Quantica720, we use modern technologies to identify authentic goals related to performance or change, as well as the right solutions to meet and support them professionally and personally to achieve personal and professional goals with the help of TimeWaver - the latest quantum technology, but also the desired results faster and easier!

Let's imagine we have a router, a connection device that gives us direct access to the information field, this "cloud" of relevant information, from anywhere, anytime. The TimeWaver BIZ system is the one that gives you access to the information field that can support and help your business grow.

TimeWaver BIZ sorts and at the same time adjusts the probabilities. By adjusting them, with TimeWaver BIZ, we are directly accessing the most advanced level of reality in quantum physics. This is the purpose for which we use TimeWaver technology: to discover the unconscious levels of information that you have never had access to and mobilize to achieve your goals.

Professionalism in business is measured by results. We get results whatever we do, but often they are not what we want. Because we live in a material world, all our desires and purposes are of no relevance unless they manifest themselves physically. But how do we get THE RESULTS we want?

This intense program will help you get out of the comfort zone and dare to act in the direction of the desired results despite the fears and / or barriers that are in the way. Depending on the situation, we can extend the work process to 5 months. At the end of the program you will become an effective person and professional, able to manifest the relevant goals on a continuous basis.