Price: 630 EUR/ 4 weeks - package of 17 therapies (16% discount included)

Price: 830 EUR/ 6 weeks - package of 25 therapies (16% discount included)

Price: 970 EUR/ 8 weeks - package of 33 therapies (21% discount included)

Digestive symptoms are showing these mostly common typical signs include constipation, diarrhea, abdominal pains, bloating, excess or smelly gas, excessive burping, skin issues like eczema, acne, rashes, or psoriasis, and food intolerances. Other unusual symptoms might include headaches, mood swings, fatigue, coughing, sinus congestion, agitation, and more.  Whether these symptoms show up regularly or occasionally, then these symptoms can be a sign of imbalance digestive system. Professional nutrition doctor will build a personal diet plan to suit your desired need according to the health diagnostic.

Before booking such a package, our specialists recommend performing a standard preventive medicine scanning.

The subscription includes a standard preventive medicine rescanning to effectively monitor the results recorded after the 4/6/8 week package.

Therapies included:

1. Frequency & Sound & Light Therapy Using highly sophisticated frequency devices TimeWaver and Global Diagnostics, Hi-tech PDT,  we can treat thousands of energy build up areas and focus with specific frequency therapy in micro-current form. Many of the specific frequency therapy we give you based on the initial standard scanning.

2. Hydrotherapy Ozone-SPA & Oxygen 

  • Internal warming: We can compare this to what is achieved after a vigorous 30 minute exercise, when you feel heat being emitted from within the body. Internal warming increases our body temperature and boosts the immune system, metabolic rate and stimulates the creation of blood cells.
  • Blood circulation: A 15 minutes soak is equivalent to a 3-5 km slow jog in energy exchange and 200-300 calorie loss. Increased cellular activity also raises energy level, improves delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the organs, and the removal of toxins. Heavy metal toxins are removed in perspiration during the hydro spa. Good blood circulation increases metabolism. An obvious sign of bad blood circulation is cold hands and feet. People experiencing this subsequently experience numbness at the ends of the limbs. More often than not, stroke patients feel the numbness before they suffer a stroke. Because of bad blood circulation, the hands and feet receive insufficient oxygen and the cells in these areas die. This is one of the reasons why diabetic patients see their limbs start to rot first. Blood also transports toxins. Bad blood circulation means that many toxins are deposited at the feet, where the blood makes a 180 degree turn. The importance of blood circulation is evident as we encourage regular exercise. However, the irony is that those who need the exercise are unable to do exercise for physical reasons.
  • Full body massage: All 320 main acupressure points of your body is massaged by millions of tiny air bubbles Traditional body massages often leave bruises on the body the next day because body tissue is compressed at a too great a pressure.
  • Lymphatic drainage is improved and internal organs are massaged as well. Hydrotherapy Spa is like hydro-acupuncture. Even acupressure points at our private areas which physicians and masseurs cannot reach, can be massaged using the system
  • Deep cleansing: Deep-cleansing purposes, is able to vibrate the dirt and grime from the skin deep within the pores and achieve the effects of a body scrub.
  • Body contouring: hydro spa is also able to remove water retention in the body. With 200-300 calories lost in energy with a 15 minutes session, combined with the right diet, slimming can be achieved.

During the session, we also added Oxygen Therapy Recharge, for a maximizing effect:

The oxygen breath device can help you to rejuvenate your cells with pure oxygen and also can have an enhancing effect on the body including your immune system, sinus problems, headaches, lungs, retard the ageing of the cells, relieve headaches and alleviate tiredness

Symptoms of Oxygen deficiency

Easily get tired, acute fatigue, body weakness, dizziness, depression, hard to focus which could lead to memory loss, circulation problem, digestion problems, acid stomach, muscle pains, irritability, lung problems, a weak immune system so easily infected by viruses, bacteria and fungi.

Main Benefits of Oxygen for Human’s Body

  • Contribute to Cognitive and Behavioral System
  • Heart Rate
  • Oxygen as Natural Detoxification
  • Aid in Damaged Cells Tissue
  • Improve Cells Regeneration
  • Prevent the Development of Cancerous Cells
  • Prevent Heart Disease
  • Prevent the Seizure in Epilepsy Patient
  • Prevent Diabetes
  • Prevent Asthma
  • Source of Energy
  • Stabilize the Nervous System
  • Improve Immunity System
  • Required for Digestive System
  • Respiratory Dependence

3. Hydrogen Therapy: Revitalize your cells with hydrogen water. Some of the benefits are anti-oxidants, improve mood, and reduce inflammation, support for muscles, support the metabolism.

+ Juice Bar:  We serve organic juices and healthy shakes in our center. We offer you 3 different formulas: detox, energy and relaxation. There is an option to take away the formulated powders so you can make your own shakes at home.

4. Standard Med Matrix protocol 

Based on the holistic treatment approach, matrix regeneration treatment is the ideal preparation for all subsequent therapies because after this, through basic therapy the organism is again able to restart blocked healing processes.

A weakened matrix enables organ cells to become diseased. Chronically sick matrix tissues has an excessive negative charge and too much acid. The Med Matrix direct current therapy is based on the fact that it is possible to change the polarity of the tissue externally: The rolling electrodes guide weak direct current into the tissue and neutralize excess charges. The tissue becomes alkaline again. The protons are mobilized and this creates the requirement for normal metabolic functioning.

Petechial suction massage is a modern form of cupping and it is used to mechanically clean the tissue. Using this method the suction electrode generates low pressure in the tissue: Waste products and tissue toxins are brought to the surface and can now be removed by the lymphatic system. At the same time, the electrodes cover the pathological frequency patterns of the toxins and then use them for system information therapy. 

SIT neutralizes pathological energy fields.The suction electrode takes the biological information of toxins and waste products released from the matrix. These diseased vibration patterns are converted in the Med Matrix control device. Combined with cell and metabolism-supporting frequency signals and supported by dynamic magnetic fields, they are then passed back to the patient as therapeutic signals. The self-healing powers are activated and the pressure is removed from the immune system.

5. Hydro Colonic Therapy:

Colon hydrotherapy is the delicate washing of the colon with warm water and ozone, to expel encrusted fecal residue, gas and mucous plagues. This enables essential nutrients to be retained all the more effortlessly and abandons you feeling revived and lighter. The procedure can also help your colon heal itself back to its original form.

Colon hydrotherapy involves the safe, gentle infusion of water into the colon via the anus. There are absolutely no drugs or chemicals used during the procedure.

A healthy gut flora is essential for optimal health. This important organ is usually overseen during our daily lives. When the colons fail to perform its duties, the body starts to function at a much lower efficiency resulting in chronic diseases. 

Here are some proven benefits of the therapy:

  • Removing toxins
  • Increased energy
  • Improved circulation
  • Clearer skin & eyes
  • Mental clarity
  • Better digestion
  • Relief from bloating and heaviness
  • Weight normalizing

In addition, each subscription includes an initial nutrition consultation, and regular nutritional consultations, as follows:

4 weeks Subscription - initial nutrition consultation + 2 regular nutritional consultations

6 weeks Subscription - initial nutrition consultation + 3 regular nutritional consultations

8 weeks Subscription - initial nutrition consultation + 4 regular nutritional consultations

The standard preventive rescanning, which is recommended after the successful completion of each 4, 6, or 8-week therapy package, is useful in measuring, comparing, and tracking the evolution of the parameters investigated in the initial screening of preventive medicine. All the medical technologies involved in the initial standard scan are used.