Standard package price: 208 Eur./ 4 weeks*

*According to the results of the initial investigation, our doctors and specialists draw up individualized therapy plans that meet your needs.

This service offers scanning and therapy solutions for digestive and hormonal imbalances, as well as a nutrition and counseling plan for the adapted diet. First, a standard preventive medicine scan will be performed. Then, a nutritionist will prepare a personalized diet and nutrition plan in accordance with the identified health problems. The service set includes a standard preventative medicine rescue in order to effectively monitor the results. This program lasts 4-6-8 weeks and includes several therapies.

1.Specific Frequency, Sound and Photon therapy

We use sophisticated equipment with frequencies to treat hundreds of diseases. This therapy is performed with the German medical technology (Timewaver Frequency and / or Global Diagnostics) and Swiss (Digisoft), which transmit frequencies either through microcurrent or in the electromagnetic field. Through biofeedback therapy and light and sound healing, therapeutic effects can be obtained for a series of imbalances that can occur in the modern human life: skin problems, migraines, pain, stress, etc.

2. Hydrotherapy with ozone and oxygen

For decades, ozone has been used in all kinds of therapies that treat a wide range of conditions. It is miraculous, its benefits being validated by the entire medical world. It stimulates detoxification, increases tissue oxygenation, strengthens immunity and activates the body's repair mechanisms. At Quantica 720 we use ozone in hydrotherapy. Ozone baths offer many advantages.