Duration: 60 Min.

Price: 60 EUR/ initial consultation, 20 EUR/ subsequent consultations

We are bombarded with toxins every day, in all possible forms: from the food full of additives, preservatives, pesticides and heavy metals we consume, the air we breathe, the microbes and viruses that surround us, to the stress that poisons each cell.

In its complexity, this machinery called the human body knows how to clean and regenerate itself. Liver, perspiration, urine are the main ways in which the body removes toxins. But when they are too many, and the body too weak, overloaded, blockages and, along with them, diseases appear. Then, a detoxifying cure is of mandatory.

A detoxifying diet is an excellent way to relieve pressure on the organs and improve their functioning. Properly executed, it comes with a lot of benefits: it strengthens immunity, improves respiratory, hormonal, nervous problems, decreases alcohol dependence, sweets, caffeine and nicotine, helps lose extra pounds, increases tone and vitality, including skin and hair become more shiny and healthier.

Quantica720 specialists will guide you in this detoxification process, telling you what, how and how to eat, what foods are recommended and what should be avoided. In this way, you will learn healthy habits that can become your lifestyle.