Duration: 1h:30 min.

Price: 265 Eur. 

For this type of service, we offer you a 200 RON voucher which you can use for any type of prevention/ detoxification/ pain therapy

Medical technologies used in this type of scan:

1. The unique diagnostic device, Check Medical Sport, operates holistically: Using six electrodes attached to the patient’s body, it records the patient’s electrical parameters from head to toe – in an uncomplicated and fully automatic process and in only 8 minutes. If results deviate from the norm, this gives an indication of some dysfunction.

This is an instrument which heralds the beginning of a new era in diagnostic methods. In the form of area diagnosis, the device locates interference fields and reveals their position in a body graph. So medical professionals and therapists gain an overview of a patient’s state of health and initial suggestions for diagnosis.

Moreover, Check Medical Sport can measure energy reserves and the acid-base balance and evaluate further sports-related data to optimize fitness and training results.

On the basis of this first diagnosis, further steps for treatment can be selected. Their effectiveness can again be controlled by Check Medical Sport.

2. The data collection of Global Diagnostics takes the various technical aspects into account – among others, scientific, holistic, osteopathic and empiric data are processed.

With this scan, we test the toxins in the body, the free radicals, the cell inflammation, status of the immune system. Based on the findings the system offers a balancing therapy with frequency - electromagnetic program designed especially for you.

An analysis prepared in only eight minutes,offering clear information of over 540 organs and 13 body systems and establishes the optimal intensity of treatment sequences.

Global Diagnostics was developed as a technical assistant to support the evaluation of prophylactic measurements and remedies.

In this day and age it is no longer completely unknown that our bodies respond to electromagnetic oscillations. Biophysicists meanwhile agree that organisms interact with these electromagnetic influences – generated both by nature and artificially – to a high degree.

3. BIA Scanning - Global Diagnostics

The device measures, in just a few seconds, the body composition using the bioelectrical impedance technique.

The BIA measurement method consists in crossing the human body by a very weak and non-dangerous electrical current, which is closed by electrodes. This allows the device to determine with scientific precision the composition of your body.

The results obtained are as important and precise as possible in order to evaluate the risk factors for the cardiovascular system.

Clinically validated product, which means it is a professional, high precision and safety device. Uses the most accurate reference system available.

4. BIOSCAN SWA is equally a diagnostic and monitoring device.

It combines and contains information from electrical engineering, biophysics and computer science. Of these, electrical engineering is the one that makes it possible to analyze the magnetic field of the cells.

BIOSCAN SWA Biocibernetics Analysis System offers the results of over 250 parameters presented in 31 reports in just 90 seconds. Among them:

  • Cardiovascular / cerebrovascular diseases
  • Gastrointestinal functionality
  • Hepato-biliary function and pancreas functionality
  • Kidneys and lungs function
  • Osteo-articular diseases
  • Skin and collagen deficiency
  • Amino Acids
  • Toxins
  • Vitamins, minerals and trace elements
  • Immune system
  • Heavy metals

After scanning, we offer you superfoods and the nutritional support needed to balance any deviations from the tested parameters.