Preventive Medical Consultation & Scanning is a service offered by Quantica720 clinic which gives you valuable information about your health through a unique diagnostic device called Check Medical Sport. It is a tool that heralds the beginning of a new era in terms of scanning methods.

Duration: 1h

Price: 75 Eur. 

Using 6 electrodes attached to the body, the device records the electrical parameters of the body, from head to toe, in a simple and completely automatic process, which lasts only 8 minutes. If the results deviate from the normal graph, it is a sign that indicates a certain dysfunction. Basically, the device locates the interference fields and reveals their position in a body graph. Thus, medical professionals and therapists get an overview of the patient's health, as well as suggestions for remedying any imbalances.

Check Medical Sport is also ideal for high performance athletes. It can measure energy reserves and acid-base balance, internal inflamation and hydration level and but also other data specific to the activity of athletes, to help them reach the optimal training state. Based on this first diagnosis, additional steps for treatment can be selected and decided.