Med Matrix is ​​an amazing detoxifying device, in the form of a device like a mouse, which performs a relaxing "massage" on the back and legs. This small "massage" device incorporates years of research and scientific studies.

Duration: 60 Min.

Price: 44 EUR 

The device contains three electrodes that "brush" every square centimeter of the skin (guided, obviously, by the therapist's hand). The first electrode repolarizes the cell membrane and neutralizes excess negative charge, the tissue becoming alkaline again. The second electrode is shaped like a suction cup that inhales toxins from the skin. Basically, through this suction massage, some toxins are eliminated immediately and the pores are released. The device analyzes the frequency of these toxins on the spot, so that the third electrode, through the bio resonance, sends to the skin a reverse signal of the toxins, a wave with opposite effect, to cancel them. Thus, three holistic therapies are performed in a single movement.

Tissues with matrix affected in chronic condition have an excessive negative load and too much acid. Med Matrix direct current therapy relies on the fact that it is possible to change the polarity of the external tissue. The electrodes guide weak current directly to the tissue and neutralize the excess negative charge, and the tissue becomes alkaline again, the metabolic function normalizes.

The standard Med Matrix protocol represents the ideal preparation for all subsequent therapies because, afterwards, the body will be able to restart the blocked healing processes.

+ Detox Spa

The therapy includes a Detox Spa, which involves detoxification of the whole body by introducing the feet into a special device with hot water and a little salt and using the electrolysis process. Electrolysis involves the use of positive and negative ions in an ion generator.

Ionic foot baths operate by sending a low intensity electric current, which generates positively charged ions. Ions are atoms that have received or lost an electron. They create a magnetic field that, by osmosis, attracts the charged particles opposite. The high concentration of positive ions in the water causes the capture of toxins charged with negative ions from the body, neutralizing them and then eliminating them through the approximately 2,000 pores on the soles of the feet.

Foot baths alkalize the blood and tissues, leading to a balance of ph. It does not necessarily cure diseases, but it helps to eliminate toxins from the whole body.

The benefits are significant: they strengthen the immune system, eliminate heavy metals and blood clots, improve sleep, liver, kidney and digestive function, relieve pain and stiffness in arthritis, help recover from injury or surgery, improve circulation problems, cellulite , slow metabolism.

The sessions are held 2-3 times a week, in a complex and sustained action, along with other detoxification therapies and adapted diet.