Immunostimulation is a service that involves stimulating the body's defense functions through the performance equipment that the Quantica Clinic720 offers its patients through the therapies it has developed.

After they have been recalibrated, the body's defense functions are stimulated to develop. We want more and we will get more. How? Through various therapies with frequencies, vibration, sound, with micro-currents, but also with the consumption of personalized bee supplements, vitamins, trace elements and natural pro-biotics.

There will be 3 therapies per session, twice a week, for 2-8 weeks.

The cost of therapies in the clinic during the first two weeks is 1000 RON - SPECIAL OFFER for which you will receive a 25% discount for 12 therapies chosen by the attending physician. For 8 weeks of therapy the cost is 4000 RON for 48 therapies.

Analyzes of specific markers in blood, urine, stool, supplements, essential nutrients, superfood powders, apifitotherapy and gemotherapy are not included in the special offer.