ABOUT IMMUNE COMPETENCE - Florentina Stanciulescu, Primary Care Pediatrician

IMMUNITY, as a "TERM", used in biology, refers to all the defense mechanisms of living organisms against various pathogens.

IMMUNITY, as a "DEFINITION", is the acquisition of any living organism (plant, animal, human), to oppose resistance to the action of: toxic substance, various pathogenic aggression, own structures with abnormal changes (tumor cells, inflamed, degenerated).

It is the most important link in maintaining the functionality of the protection mechanisms, the balance of homeostasis and the global defense of our body.

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The immune system is the "defense shield" of the body. It consists of specific devices and systems: lymphatic system with lymph nodes, thymus, spleen, white cell line consisting of: neutrophils, lymphocytes (lymphocytes are considered "natural killers"), basophils (mast cells), monocytes (macrophages), eosinophils, dendritic cells, along with cell plasma with antibodies / immunoglobulins, but also microbiota.

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A yoga ball can successfully replace the office chair - article by Dr. Codruta Cioponea, published by Click Sanatate

Solutions for back pain

First of all it is mandatory to have an ergonomic, flexible office chair with adjustable seat and back, and its movement is in sync with the natural movement of the body. Basically, the chair has to move constantly, holding your body in a dynamic support. In such a chair, the back should be straight, glued to the back of the chair, the soles on the floor, the angle of the hips and knees 90 degrees, the head forward, never bent more than 10 degrees, and the monitor should be in front of the eyes .
You didn't have time to buy such a chair (which, in fact, must be tested in the store, not bought online)? Then you can sit on a yoga ball (it can be easier to order from the internet if you don't have one). "It is much better than any fixed chair in the kitchen or living room. It warns you when you are no longer comfortable and you have to change your position, you can make lateral movements, you can keep your back straight. In this way, you activate the deep paravertebral musculature and prevent the risk of back pain ”, adds Dr. Codruta Cioponea, doctor at Quantica 720. Attention! These balls are also on sizes (S, M, L), adapted to height. When sitting on them, the soles should be relaxed on the floor, with a knee angle of 90 degrees.

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Straight-forwarded questions get the most ideal answers: honest, objective and based on over 15 years of medical practice and casuistry.

A delight to watch and listen, because both the interviewer and his guest are two people absolutely passionate about what they do and have this one big thing in common: they master the art of living their lives in harmony, health and resonance.

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A New Article signed by Dr. Manuela Udrea, about Homeopathy, published by ClickSanatate

What is and what can homeopathy treat

Homeopathy is a treatment method invented hundreds of years ago, which uses very diluted preparations of mineral, vegetable or animal origin. Unlike other types of medicine, where only the disease or symptom is targeted, here the body is treated as a unitary whole. However, some work, some do not.

The principle on which this type of medicine works is that of similarity. That is, a substance that causes a group of symptoms to a healthy individual can cure a sick person with the same symptoms, if a very low dose of the substance is administered.

Homeopathic remedies come in several types of dilutions. Some are more concentrated, others so diluted that there is nothing left of the active substance. Even they have an effect because they are made of water with a certain molecular structure, which transmits an energy signal into cells. What effect can a bobbin have on the body? It transmits to the cell the information that it has to change something. It is the first step towards healing ”, explains Dr. Manuela Udrea, specialist doctor general medicine, holistic, quantum and integrative, with a specialization in homeopathy.

Why is not effective for some people

Because their body is not ready, "explains the specialist at Quantica Clinic 720. They have become accustomed to powerful, synthetic drugs, and the body is no longer so" sensitive "to finer forms of treatment. One solution would be to follow a complete detoxification treatment before starting homeopathic treatment. The placebo effect also plays an important role.

"If you are convinced that you are doing well just stand in the sun, for example, you have a high chance of doing well. The mind lifts you, the mind lowers you. But it is not enough, ”adds Dr. Manuela Udrea

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Super-Interview with Dr. Carolyn McMakin, by Bogdan Prajisteanu

We were, as usual, impressed by the extremely useful information we extracted from the medical and therapeutic experience of the lecturers, but also by their unique perspectives on how to approach more "serious" problems and imbalances, such as autoimmune diseases, cancer, etc.
Beyond the effective participation of  Quantica720's team to the conference, our colleague, Bogdan Prajisteanu, managed to conduct a super-interview with one of the most appreciated lecturers, Dr. Carolyn McMakin. Carolyn has an interesting and intense life story, which she shared with Bogdan, but the most important aspect of their conversation is aoout how she integrated specific frequency therapy into her medical practice and what exactly can these frequencies treat.

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"Beehive products contain B vitamins, carbohydrates, enzymes and antioxidants, which strengthen the body, they are antiviral and detoxifying for the liver. Apart from the fact that they are caloric, they do not have contraindications for anyone, if they are consumed for optimal periods of time and in appropriate doses ”, says Manuela Udrea, a specialist in holistic, integrative and quantum medicine, homeopathy, apiphytotherapy, gemmotherapy and aromatherapy, at Quantica720.

Doctor Manuela Udrea suggests adding beehive products to all kinds of recipes, along with herbal powders, fruits and essential oils.

“In order to enhance immunity, mix in raw honeydew pollen, a bottle of propolis tincture, a little turmeric and cinnamon, royal jelly, plus a few drops of orange or lemon essential oil. The result is a bomb of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Or we can add forest fruits from the freezer (seabuckthorn, aronia, blueberries) in a jar with honey. It is a delicious dessert, rich in vitamin C.

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The lymphatic system is made up of a network of glands, vessels and lymph nodes that have the role of removing toxins from the body. The lifestyle and diet rich in meat and dairy products lead to the loading and blocking of this system, in which case a lymphatic drainage would be of great help. The doctor Manuela Udrea explains at length how it is done correctly and what the effects are.

What is the lymphatic system
It is a system of canals with the role of cleaning the toxins in the body. Lymph nodes are the first lymph filtration stations. When they are loaded, they become swollen, the blockages appear and, together with them, more health problems. "Lymphatic drainage is a therapeutic method that helps mobilize the lymph, respectively the blockages that are installed in the lymph node stations. When the lymph is not well drained, consequences for many pathologies can occur, mainly from the ENT sphere.
When we have an infection (nose, throat, ear) that is not completely healed, the mucus remains in the lymph. That means blockage. Drainage eliminates blockage. It is achieved both by eating natural products and by easy, manual massage. Thus, the body begins to regain its path of elimination of the organic and inorganic toxins that are stored, ”says Dr. Manuela Udrea, a general medicine specialist, competent in clinical homeopathy, apifitotherapy, aromatherapy and quantum medicine at Quantica 720.

How to do it correctly
First of all by changing the diet. Like a detoxification cure, for 1-3 months, the consumption of meat, fats, fats, dairy products, processed foods and sweets should be reduced. To drain the lymph, you need alkaline foods. Fresh vegetables, fruits, especially citrus, seaweed are alkaline foods that stimulate lymphatic drainage.
Plants are also useful. „The brustures, three patati brothers, the pelin, the papadia, the artichoke, administered in the form of tea, remove the toxins from the liver and mobilize the lymph. Essential oils (ti-tree, thyme, clove, lemon) cleanse the lymph after an infection in the body. It is administered from the age of 7 years upwards, a few drops in a teaspoon of honey or a cup of tea. Gemotherapy is also recommended in the treatment scheme. There are many glycemic macerates (dogwood, birch sap, walnut) that cleanse the lymph of toxins. Do not forget to drink a lot of water, otherwise you will not be able to drain the lymph ”, recommends the doctor Manuela Udrea. At the same time, lymphatic drainage is also done through an easy massage, both manually and with the help of the devices.

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