"Beehive products contain B vitamins, carbohydrates, enzymes and antioxidants, which strengthen the body, they are antiviral and detoxifying for the liver. Apart from the fact that they are caloric, they do not have contraindications for anyone, if they are consumed for optimal periods of time and in appropriate doses ”, says Manuela Udrea, a specialist in holistic, integrative and quantum medicine, homeopathy, apiphytotherapy, gemmotherapy and aromatherapy, at Quantica720.

Doctor Manuela Udrea suggests adding beehive products to all kinds of recipes, along with herbal powders, fruits and essential oils.

“In order to enhance immunity, mix in raw honeydew pollen, a bottle of propolis tincture, a little turmeric and cinnamon, royal jelly, plus a few drops of orange or lemon essential oil. The result is a bomb of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Or we can add forest fruits from the freezer (seabuckthorn, aronia, blueberries) in a jar with honey. It is a delicious dessert, rich in vitamin C.

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The lymphatic system is made up of a network of glands, vessels and lymph nodes that have the role of removing toxins from the body. The lifestyle and diet rich in meat and dairy products lead to the loading and blocking of this system, in which case a lymphatic drainage would be of great help. The doctor Manuela Udrea explains at length how it is done correctly and what the effects are.

What is the lymphatic system
It is a system of canals with the role of cleaning the toxins in the body. Lymph nodes are the first lymph filtration stations. When they are loaded, they become swollen, the blockages appear and, together with them, more health problems. "Lymphatic drainage is a therapeutic method that helps mobilize the lymph, respectively the blockages that are installed in the lymph node stations. When the lymph is not well drained, consequences for many pathologies can occur, mainly from the ENT sphere.
When we have an infection (nose, throat, ear) that is not completely healed, the mucus remains in the lymph. That means blockage. Drainage eliminates blockage. It is achieved both by eating natural products and by easy, manual massage. Thus, the body begins to regain its path of elimination of the organic and inorganic toxins that are stored, ”says Dr. Manuela Udrea, a general medicine specialist, competent in clinical homeopathy, apifitotherapy, aromatherapy and quantum medicine at Quantica 720.

How to do it correctly
First of all by changing the diet. Like a detoxification cure, for 1-3 months, the consumption of meat, fats, fats, dairy products, processed foods and sweets should be reduced. To drain the lymph, you need alkaline foods. Fresh vegetables, fruits, especially citrus, seaweed are alkaline foods that stimulate lymphatic drainage.
Plants are also useful. „The brustures, three patati brothers, the pelin, the papadia, the artichoke, administered in the form of tea, remove the toxins from the liver and mobilize the lymph. Essential oils (ti-tree, thyme, clove, lemon) cleanse the lymph after an infection in the body. It is administered from the age of 7 years upwards, a few drops in a teaspoon of honey or a cup of tea. Gemotherapy is also recommended in the treatment scheme. There are many glycemic macerates (dogwood, birch sap, walnut) that cleanse the lymph of toxins. Do not forget to drink a lot of water, otherwise you will not be able to drain the lymph ”, recommends the doctor Manuela Udrea. At the same time, lymphatic drainage is also done through an easy massage, both manually and with the help of the devices.

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Detoxification therapy with modern devices, revealed by Peter Molleney | Antena1 Interview

Peter Molleney was a lifeguard and football player but - for many years - he studied complementary medicine and homeopathy. This is how he came to create a detoxification therapy, with the help of a device that combines electrotherapy with bioresonance.

PETER MOLLENEY: The process is relatively short, but the effect is long lasting. This means that detoxification can take up to 4 weeks, because we depend on the cycles of the month, so 28 days, but that can change your whole body. You can detoxify the body, and when the toxin leaves the body, our metabolism is free, meaning it can transport nutrients, and then the joints recover.

But the detoxification treatment is performed following certain steps.

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Dr. Manuela Udrea | | Acne at 30+

The cause of the acne, depending on its location points

According to experts, the face is a "mirror" of what is happening in the body. More specifically, the areas where pimples appear correspond to an organ and reveal a health problem. "There are certain organ projections on the face. Depending on this you can make correlations regarding a possible organ dysfunction, "says the doctor, who details.

The pimples in the cheek area suggest a stomach problem. It may be a Helicobacter Pylori, a parasite called Demodex, or a gastric hyperacidity.

Between eyebrows. This area indicates lactose intolerance or liver disease. In the latter case, it is good to avoid alcohol and heavy food consumption, late at night.

If acne appears on your forehead, you may have problems with your gall bladder and colon.

A red nose, always inflamed, denotes high acidosis in the body. The mucous membranes are inflamed because the acidity in the body is high. We need to turn to alkaline foods. It is said that in a predominantly alkaline organism the disease state cannot exist, viruses, bacteria and fungi cannot reproduce, not even survive. Lemons, although they have an acidic pH, have a strong alkalizing effect, so drink lots of lemon water!

When the pimples appear on the jaw and on the head, it is a sign that the lymph is wrapped. "There is a lymphatic area. If acne is located on the jaw and below the neck, a detoxification cure is needed, with lymphatic drainage and diet revision. It is necessary to eliminate the consumption of dairy, sugar and gluten. These are the biggest enemies of the skin, which favors acne! Give up cream cakes, ice cream, cream and fatty cheese. All this wraps the lymph. The food must be more alkaline, to consume many citrus fruits, essential oils and lymph drainage teas (eg of brust, of three siblings) ”, draws the attention of Dr. Manuela Udrea.

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DoctorulZilei Interview, with M.D. Peter Molleney, founder of Wegamed Company |Modern Medicine Focused on Prevention & Detox

But how did it all start? How did you choose to develop new medical equipment to be introduced into the medical practice of your clinic in Germany?

When you work in your own clinic, you have so much experience with people and you see how limited conventional medicine is, you want to do more for your clients. I did a few tests and verifications at home, then I asked the colleagues in the technical department to develop a medical equipment which others can use, following my concept and ideas.
The principle of the diagnostic device, for example, is bio-impedance. We electrically stimulate the body from point A to point B and measure how much electricity can pass. If the electricity cannot pass, there is something wrong with the body. If the electricity transmitted from the patient to the device is greater than the electricity sent from the device to the patient, we are dealing with an inflammation. So things are totally different compared to the conventional medicine perspective, because there it is checked if something is wrong and if there are deviations from normal, you are ill, if you are in normal parameters, you are healthy, but this is wrong - you can do only one affirmation: that you are not sick.

Can you tell us more about the devices you use in these techniques?

In this concept, we use several types of devices. One is used for scanning, called Medical Check. With its help, in 8 minutes we scan the whole body, identifying what is the capacity of regulation of the body, but the most important aspect is the detoxification capacity of the organs. When the organs do not work properly (and this is valid in over 80% cases), we can provide support in the detoxification process, and in this case we use the two therapy devices together: Med Matrix and Detox FootBath.

So this is the functioning principle.

Yes, this is the concept behind them. So, we analyze what the body's self-regulation capacity is, and if it is not an ideal one, we can help the body regain its "power."

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Click Sanatate Interview - Dr. Peter Molleney

If you have favorite foods or are loyal to certain brands,you will bombard your body with the same type of toxins

We live in a world full of pollution, from the air that we breathe, the medicines we administer, the consumed foods, to the mistakes we make with good science. Normally, the body cleans itself of toxins, but if there are too many, against the background of already existing diseases, it crushes. That is when it needs a detoxification cure.

Where do the toxins come from?

Dr. Peter Molleney, a famous specialist in complementary medicine in Germany, claims that nothing we consume is "100% clean." The meat contains toxins from medicines, vaccines and hormones received from animals. The fruits and vegetables are sprinkled with herbicides. Fish and whatever comes to the metal can contain heavy metals that reach the brain, being responsible for the appearance of dementia, Parkinson's or Alzheimer's. "It is impossible to eat without a little poison. But the amount consumed and the intensity of the toxins in it matter. It is important to constantly vary the food, so as not to bombard the body with the same toxins. If you have favorite foods, you eat from the same canteen, you are loyal to a single brand in the supermarket, then you can get sick ”, draws the attention of the specialist, who came to Bucharest to support a training at the Quantica 720 medical center. Air pollution, smoking, alcohol , sugar, flour, even stress are other sources of toxins that undermine our health.

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SapteSeri Interview with Dr. Peter Molleney - Founder and CEO of Wegamed company on cellular detoxification

Dr. Molleney, founder and CEO of the Wegamed Medical Technology Company, has launched a new concept for innovative scanning and therapy methods using medical technology.

Can you please tell us more about your medical experience and the moment  you decided to integrate the complementary medicine experience into your medical knowledge and practice?

I wanted to bring together the knowledge of conventional medicine and complementary medicine after studying osteopathy, chiropractic, traditional Chinese medicine and psychotherapy, and I could do this for a southern German company called Vega Medicine. At the beginning, I bought my own equipment and I worked for more than 17 years at this company, and in 2007 I bought all the rights to the company, thus making it my intention to streamline medical practices with the help of technology. Over the past 5 years, we've changed the medical perspective to some extent and created a competence center focusing  on detoxification, because over 30 years of experience in our own clinic revealed that most people have problems then when it comes to eliminating toxins, so they need our medical support.

What can you tell us about this innovative detoxification technology? What is its working principle?

I am a physician, I have studied complementary and conventional medicine and come from the field of sports performance. This is one of the reasons why I was looking for a technology that I can use both for preventive purposes , but also to detect future illnesses. Following this idea, we have developed a diagnostic tool that is based on electro-stimulation from one point to another in the body. When electricity can pass through the body from one point to another everything is fine, but if it can not pass, then something is wrong. This is the principle.

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Dr. Peter Molleney, special guest of Quantica720 clinic in Bucharest

M.D. Peter Molleney, founder of Wegamed company, visited Bucharest from 12th to 14th of July, where he held an intensive training session for the entire Quantica720 team. Our clinic is the first detox and reset center using the medical protocols of Dr. Peter Molleney and is preparing to become by the end of 2019 the first medical competence Wegamed center in Romania.

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Calea TV- Bogdan Prajisteanu interview - part II

The second edition of the "Calea Succesului" show, on, brings Bogdan Prajisteanu to the forefront. Discover new information about ultramodern medical services, energy medicine and the latest German and Swiss medical technology brought to Romania for the first time by Quantica720, the only cellular detox & reset center in our country.

Bogdan Prajisteanu explains the main pillars that the clinic works: scanning services, performed with several medical technologies that aim to balance human health and examine over 500 parameters in less than 3 hours, general / specific preventive care services, which can address a multitude of affections / imbalances / needs: fatigue, allergies, stress, pain, support for athletes, addictions, support for immunity, etc., nutrition services.

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