Calea TV- Bogdan Prajisteanu interview - part II

The second edition of the "Calea Succesului" show, on, brings Bogdan Prajisteanu to the forefront. Discover new information about ultramodern medical services, energy medicine and the latest German and Swiss medical technology brought to Romania for the first time by Quantica720, the only cellular detox & reset center in our country.

Bogdan Prajisteanu explains the main pillars that the clinic works: scanning services, performed with several medical technologies that aim to balance human health and examine over 500 parameters in less than 3 hours, general / specific preventive care services, which can address a multitude of affections / imbalances / needs: fatigue, allergies, stress, pain, support for athletes, addictions, support for immunity, etc., nutrition services.

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About Quantum Medicine, with Manuela Udrea, Medical Coordinator of Quantica720 at MedikaTV

Quantica720's Medical Coordinator, Manuela Udrea, talks during a TeleMedika's interview about the importance of health prevention and the innovative methods our clinic uses in both treating and preventing processes. You will discover that the latest generation of medical technology is a genuine support tool in our specialists practice, specifically in their holistic approach to human health.

She presents in a very coherent way valuable informations regarding benefits of quantum medicine, the role of cell detoxification both in the process of imbalance treatment and in its preventive process and the contribution of medical technology when we want to address the manifestations in our body, though not forgetting the fact that it also includes two other aspects, equally important: the energetic and the vibrational ones.

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Calea TV- Bogdan Prajisteanu interview - part I

"It takes a lot of courage for a man to start entrepreneurship. Some people do it, some fail, some take it over, but there is a very special category of entrepreneurs: those who succeed in changing the field of activity [...] and that's why their performance worths being mentioned ".

Such an entrepreneur speaks about the business he is leading today, after years of marketing / media / advertising companies in TOP Management: Bogdan Prajisteanu is currently the general director of Quantica720 health reset centre. During the interview of "Calea Succesului" show at TV, he shows the similarities between the two domains: the one he is been activating in in the past and present one, what made him choose a new professional route , the exact investment needed in order to accomplish Quantica720's existence.

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Interview with Bogdan Prajisteanu at Medika TV, about Quantica720's story, vibrational medicine and the importance of prevention in maintaining health

During the interview with Medika TV, Bogdan Prajisteanu talks about the clinic he is currently leading - Quantica720, about the personal life event which determined him to switch directions and discover the benefits of vibrational medicine, the role of prevention in maintaining an optimal state of health, and how we specifically serve people's health using technology and specialists at Quantica720.

I invite you to watch an exceptional interview, it's a real life story of an enthusiastic man who has set up a unique health center in Romania where the latest generation medical technology meets integrative medicine to maintain balance and well-being , in a world where life is lived on "fast-forward".

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Infrared sauna, ideal for those who can not stand the heat- Click Sanatate interview ,dr. Andrei Macrin

Also, at the infrared saunas you sweat, but without any disconfort

Sauna has a tradition of hundreds of years and is highly appreciated for its health benefits. It helps us remove toxins from the body faster, cleans and tonifies the skin, strengthens immunity, relaxes, treats muscle and joint pains. There are three types of sauna: wet, dry and infrared. The latter would be the most effective and easiest to bear.

"In an infrared sauna, the temperature does not exceed 60 degrees Celsius, unlike traditional saunas, where temperatures of 80-100 degrees are hard to bear for some people. This is where thermal discomfort is avoided, and the feeling of relaxation and mild heating is maintained throughout the treatment. Thus, the effects are direct and feel deep, not just a consequence of overheating the body, "explains the specialist.

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Where the toxins are hiding and how our health is subdued because of them-Alternative Medicine Specialist, Jacob Barber, Click Sanatate interview

We are surrounded by toxins - from the air that we breathe, the food we consume, to the things we come in contact with. All of these have serious effects on the various organs of our body. Mr.Jacob Barber, a specialist in holistic medicine, tells us what measures we should take.

"We come in contact with pollution and radiation released by industrial activities, with household toxins in cleaning products, personal care, perfumes and cosmetics, with food toxins (food dyes, preservatives, flavors and artificial sweeteners, refined oils which in while being heated, generates free radicals). Even plastic products, aluminum doses and toys contain toxins that we get to swallow. The largest source of toxins comes from air pollution, which is above safety levels in all major cities, especially in Bucharest, "draws the attention of Mr. Jacob Barber, a specialist in holistic medicine at Quantica 720. How do toxins get destroyed ? According to the doctor, they poison enzymes, so they do not work properly, destroy minerals in the body, causing bone weakness, injuring organs, damaging our DNA, increasing aging rate and degeneration, interfering with hormones, and causing imbalances. "Toxins induce, inhibit, imitate and block hormones. They actually affect the ability to detoxify, "says Mr. Jacob Barber.

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The Role of Nutrition and Quantum Medicine with Doctor Marilena Murgulet at Canal33

Nutritionist Quantica720, Dr Marilena Murgulet, speaks in an interview at Canal33 about the importance of detoxifying the entire body, the types of toxins we get invaded every day about the role of nutrition in eliminating toxic wastes in the body and also maintaining an optimal state of health.

We cordially recommend this material to discover which are the natural body 'weapons' when it comes to protection and healing, how we help Quantica720 patients with high toxic loads and what we should do for a life of well-being.

We meet toxins everywhere: at home, at work, in traffic, from the first moment we wake up, throughout the day, even as we are sleeping. Hence the extremely important role of detoxification for the removal of toxic waste from the human body."

"80% of our immunity is given by the intestine. "

"The benefits we have are offered by the technology Quantica720 provides us, with specialised detoxification programs on the one hand and diagnostics on the other hand. It is important to know what is the initial state of the patient. "

"During sleep it is important to protect ourselves, within a distance of 3 m, we should have no electromagnetic field."

At Quantica720, the holistic approach to health involves firstly establishing the stage of the patient. We use all three devices clinic available in order to get a complete picture of the status of your health in real time: BioScan diagnosis, showing, among other things, the level of free radicals in the body, the toxins or allergies, GlobalDiagnostics that provides detailed information ,the exact percent of the intracellular toxins, the so-called "hidden toxins". The third device we use is TimeWaver, which performs scanning and frequency therapy, necessary to maintain optimal health through micro-currents action to the cell membrane of  our body filter organs, helpful when our goal is reaching physical, mental and emotional detoxification.

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How Much does Stress Affects Body Weight- interview with Dr. Camelia Stefanescu

We all know that if you want to lose weight or to keep weight, you have to do sports and take care of what you eat and when you eat. We worry too less about stress, though it is a very big issue. "The main stress hormone in the body is cortisol. It is secreted by the adrenal organs, its role being to increase and maintain the instinct of survival, of "fighting or fleeing". Basically, it gives you physical strength and energy when you feel in danger. What about food? It may seem funny to you, but at that time your brain thinks it has used calories to resolve your stress. I mean, you ran, you fought. And to rebuild your energy supply, you have to eat, "explains nutritionist Camelia Stefanescu, Quantica 720 and Male&Female Romanian Rowing Olimpic Lots doctor.

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Interview in "Taste of Health" Show, at LookMedicaTV ,with Marcus Schmieke, inventor of Timewaver's medical technology, for the first time in Romania at the Quantica720 invitation

Marcus Schmieke, inventor of the Timewaver systems,gives an interview for the first time in "Taste of Health" Show at LookMedicaTV. He speaks about Timewaver, the company that has marketed frequency scanning and therapy devices to maintain optimal health through the action of micro-current in the cell membrane. The miniaturization of medical therapy technology in clinics and hospitals has brought Healy to the consumer, a frequency therapy device for your cells, portable and powered by a mobile application.

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