Physician Nutritionist & ESWT Camelia Stefanescu

Nutrition & Dietetics, Shock Wave Treatments Specialist, Global Diagnostics Specialist, Nutrition Doctor of Female and Male Olympic Romanian teams

Nutrition is the basis of our health. I extended my medical knowledge in nutrition for weight loss, children nutrition and clinical nutrition and I advocate a healthy lifestyle in which all foods can be eaten when you know how to do it. I will re-learn you how to do it!

Shock waves therapy stimulates the healing processes as well as re-modeling with amazing effects on bone and soft tissue - Tendinitis, Jumper’s knee (Patella tip syndrome), Achillodynia, Plantar fasciitis, Stress fractures, Epicondylopathia, Pes anserinus syndrome, Peroneal tendon syndrome, Myofascial syndrome, Erectile Dysfunction, Peyronie

Global Diagnostics evaluates the energy efficiency of body systems and offers answers to different pathologies - immune system, cardiovascular system , endocrinal and reproductive system, uro-genital system, lymphatic system, etc

  • ESWT & Global Diagnostics and Mitoplus Treatments Specialist
  • Nutrition and Dietetics
  • ESWT Specialist

  • Bachelor's degree Faculty of Medicine – UMF ,,Carol Davila’ Bucharest
  • Bachelor's degree Faculty of nutrition & dietetics – UMF Tg Mures
  • Master’s Degree Sciences of Nutrition – UBB Cluj Napoca

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