Doctor, Electro-Medical Devices Therapist, Andrei Macrin

General Medicine, Psychotherapy, Quantum Medicine

I searched for the truth and the correct answers about the human body, mind and soul my entire life.I started my academic studies as an engineer, but I switched to medicine, actually being licensed at the General Medicine Faculty "Carol Davila" Bucharest. I also attended the master courses of ARPI (integrative psychology)

Besides being working as a doctor and a psychotherapist I experienced jobs in big pharmaceutical companies, my own private business and even as a martial arts instructor. For this reason I had the privilege to see this universe from multiple perspectives and therefore boost my understanding about life.

All the courses I attended, all the teachers I had, made me search for more answers, so I am still studying. I am sure we can help each other in this quest.

  • General Medicine, Electromedical Devices Specialist
  • Psychotherapy
  • Quantum Medicine

  • General Medicine University "Carol Davila" Bucharest
  • Integrative Psychology - Master courses of ARPI

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